About ME


Hi! I'm Joey Ventura, a wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario.  

I have been photographing weddings for the past three years and I couldn't imagine having any other job.  I have had the pleasure of capturing so many beautiful moments of some amazing couples.  There is nothing more rewarding than capturing a genuine moment of two people truly in love and having those people put their trust in you to capture such a special day in their lives. 


When I was just a kid I wanted to be either a DJ or a stunt devil.  Life clearly didn't follow those paths although I do remember testing out the stunt devil career a few times as a child, whether I was building less than safe ramps with the kids in the neighbourhood or trying to skateboard down the stairs in my parents house and almost cracking my head open before school.  I was clearly not made for this path. A few years later I'm sitting in a high school photography class with smooth jazz playing in the background.  I was hooked! This was back just before digital went big and we were still using film and darkrooms. 


Fun facts about Joey!

-I'm a homebody.

-Every night I go to sleep with 110lb dog sleeping in the same bed. 

-For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of living a small part of my life out of my car. 

-I spend way to much time watching youtube videos.  RIP cable television. 


-My I tunes playlist will confuse you. 








Enough about me!  I'd love to hear more about you! 

If you think I might be the right fit for you, send me an email and lets chat!


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About Me

Meet Joey

I am a wedding photographer based out of Toronto, Ontario. I have been shooting weddings for the past three years and couldn't imagine